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Robert Scott Batchelar

Finance and Business Professional

Robert Scott Batchelar is a financial services professional who has been working in the field for 25 years. Currently, he is a Financial Advisor in Massachusetts who provides top tier financial planning to his clients. Robert Scott Batchelar has a strong background in business and has successfully owned and operated a financial services business. 

Before starting his career, Robert Scott Batchelar attended Bryant University in Rhode Island. Bryant University is a small private university that offers undergraduate and graduate programs to its students. Robert Scott Batchelar received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing in 1994. 

Right after graduation, R. Scott Batchelar began working within financial services. His first role was as a Credit Manager for Wells Fargo Financial in Connecticut. Working at Wells Fargo at the beginning of his career helped him to gain positions at some of the largest banks in the retail, mortgage, and financial planning space. 

Robert Scott Batchelar spent two years working as a Credit Manager before becoming a Senior Loan Officer at Key Bank in Massachusetts. This role helped him to gain expertise in assisting clients with their monetary situations by providing financial solutions. As a Senior Loan Officer, he monitored other Loan Officers and submitted mortgage applications to obtain final loan approval. 

Soon, Robert Scott Batchelar’s financial services career began to take off. Over the next eight years, he continued to learn and grow, allowing him to take on roles such as Branch Manager, Wholesale Account Executive, and AVP – Mass Affluent Financial Advisor. 

As the Branch Manager for Countrywide Financial, he was responsible for managing the branch and supervising the staff of Loan Officers and operational personnel. His management skills and knowledge of various types of loans increased exponentially in this role.

Robert Scott Batchelar became the Wholesale Account Executive for Citigroup in 2005. In this role, he became an expert at sales as he conducted daily sales presentations and calls. Mr. Batchelar built and maintained business relationships and leveraged his networking skills to continue to grow his network of industry contacts. During his three years at Citigroup, Scott regularly ranked in the top 15 percent of the national salesforce.

The role of AVP – Mass Affluent Financial Advisor, was held by Robert Scott Batchelar in 2008 at Bank of America Investment Services. He used an advice-based sales model to assess the needs of his clients and recommend financial solutions. Mr. Batchelar’s skills helped to deepen relationships with Brank of America Mass Affluent clients by strengthening the trust and confidence in clients through the use of problem-solving and managing products.

In late 2008, Robert Scott Batchelar became the principal owner and operator of Federal Benefit Specialists & Self Insured Advantage, a life and health insurance agency. For ten years he provided federal employees with superior alternative options to their benefits packages. Robert Scott Batchelar used his knowledge of marketing to organize and run an extensive lead generation and marketing campaign. 

Currently, Robert Scott Batchelar is a Financial Advisor for J.D. Mellberg Financial, where he uses his vast knowledge of business and finance to provide retirement planning advice. He focuses on the distribution phase of financial planning, retirement, and career changes while using advice-based methods.