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Entrepreneurship 1


Running a business is not for the faint-hearted. One needs to have courage, positivity, and determination to make it work. From taking risks to bearing huge costs, there is a lot at stake. One’s efforts and smart work pay off if their business blooms, otherwise things can take a turn for the worse. 

So, what are the essential must-haves for people who want to venture into entrepreneurship? There are few common misconceptions which make budding entrepreneurs think twice before taking the big step. Let’s get to the bottom of some of these to set the record straight. 

Education is a key factor – It is wrong to assume that only people with degrees can make successful entrepreneurs. Although any business degree can prove to be advantageous, it does not qualify as a criterion to set up a business. It is more important to learn the tricks of the trade and up-skill oneself to do well in business.

One is just born with it – We know of many entrepreneurs who have successful family businesses. But people usually tend to believe if one does not have a relative in the industry, they are doomed. Good entrepreneurs are not born but made. Some can learn the knack faster than others. Assuming that running flourishing businesses is a genetic gift is a misconception. 

Only young folks make successful entrepreneurs – Let’s be clear about one thing – age has no bar when it comes to doing business. One can be very young when an idea pops into their head, giving them an adrenaline rush. There could also be someone in their late fifties, who has made a calculated decision to get into business once their finances are in order. Either way, the only criteria to get into business should be an idea that one strongly believes in, backed up with a solid plan. 

Some individuals might prefer fixed timings and monthly salaries, while others might want to explore options outside of their comfort zones. If one is convinced that entrepreneurship is for them, then there is no looking back. It is essential to look past these common myths and focus on the goal to get you going.